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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocate
Boston, MA
Posted Jan 24, 2014 by Emerson College
Category: Campus Safety and Police


Emerson College

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocate

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocate provides and coordinates advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, complying with VAWA Federal Campus Security Act,Title IX regulations, and the Clery Act. She/he serves as the primary point of contact regarding campus assault and prevention programs. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocate also conducts outreach and designs and delivers educational sessions and prevention programs to reduce gender-based violence. She/he also evaluates sexual assault response and prevention programs including education and outreach, individual support services and crisis response, and makes recommendations for improving the program’s effectiveness

Campus Location

Boston Campus

Primary Duties, Responsibilites, and Tasks

Serve as the primary first responder, advocate, resource, and point of referral for students and others seeking sexual assault services and information, and provide ongoing support to survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence, as needed.

Coordinate campus and community resources to support students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harrassment, relationship violence, stalking or related abuse.

Provide sensitive and timely information to survivors of sexual or other gender-based violence regarding resources and reporting options and accompany sexual assault survivors to the hospital for evidence collection and arrange for expedited care in advance.

Provide leadership for the development and implementation of the college’s sexual assault prevention and response program and make program and policy recommendations, and develop, implement and evaluate campus-wide prevention, awareness, and educational programming and actvivities consistent with evidence-based practices.

Collaborate with other college departments as well as local sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking prevention and response organizations to create and deliver campus-wide violence education and prevention programs for students.

Train faculty, staff, and students in responding to students who report incidents of sexual assault or gender-based violence.

Oversee student advocacy groups, peer support groups, and other peer educators, including recruitment, selection, training, and ongoing support in collaboration with other departments.

Promote visibility and awareness of the sexual assault prevention and education throughout the campus community and work with appropriate college administrators to provide clear communciation to all campus stakeholders about campus programming regarding sexual assault prevention and response.

Research grant opportunities, and prepare and submit grant applications, and administer grants received for sexual assault and violence prevention, education and response services.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Education (including hardware, software, and equipment)

Masters Degree (MS, MSW, MA, MPH, M.Ed.) in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Women’s or Gender Studies, or related field, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Expertise in the sexual assault, gender-based violence, and the relationship violence field, including prevention, education, and direct services.

Ability to advocate on a survivors’ behalf while navigating through a range of complex medical, legal, and disciplinary procedures and protocols.

Demonstrated cultural competence and proven effectiveness in meeting the needs of survivors from diverse backgrounds, races and ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Proven record of effective outreach and program development and delivery focused on sexual assualt prevention, gender-based violence, and relationship violence prevention and education.

Understanding of the cultural and social causes of sexual and other gender-based violence; deep understanding of cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual and gender diversity and the ability to lead educational progamming tailored to meet the needs of specific groups.

Strong facilitation, training, and presentation skills as well as the ability to teach challenging material to a wide range of audiences.

Excellent commmunication and interpersonal skills including but not limited to listening and counseling skills, and sensitivity to the range of physical, emotional, and cultural responses to sexual assault, gender-based violence, and relationship violence is essential.

Ability to work effectively with a wide range of individuals, including administrators, faculty, staff, law enforcement officers, medical personnel, and students as well as the ability to coordinate services and facilitate communciation between groups and on behalf of survivors.

Knowledge of a wide range of sexual assault, abuse, and violence principals, laws, regulations and policies to recongize and prevent sexual assault and abuse, and the ability to make technical recommendations related to the college’s violence prevention and response policies, procedures, and processes.

Knowledge of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the federal Violence Against Women Act, and the various programs within the federal Office of Violence Against Women.

Demonstrated program evaluation skills and the ability to research current trends and best practices, and continously increase the effectiveness of existing programs and develop new programs.

Strong writing skills and the ability to draft documents and presentations on various topics for a variety of audiences.

Sound judgment, initiative, and discretion.

Preferred/Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Education (including hardware, software, and equipment)

Masters of Social with LICSW certification preferred

Previous experience working in a similar role in a higher education setting.

Required Prior Work Experience

Minimum of three years of experience providing direct services to survivors of sexual assault, sexual harrassment, relationship violence and stalking.

Previous experience working with college-aged individuals.

Previous experience developing and delivering education programs and training focused on sexual assault, sexual harrassment, relationship violence and stalking.

Previous experience in violence prevention.

Previous success in developing grant proposals and receiving grant awards related to violence prevention preferred.

Diversity Statement

Emerson College believes diversity enriches the educational experience by providing students with the opportunity to learn from individuals who may have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Engagement with diversity in the curriculum, in our co-curricular offerings, and all other aspects of the College enhances the personal and intellectual growth of all members of our campus community. Emerson is committed to strengthening communities, including our workplace, by fostering the development of the intercultural competencies necessary for meaningful citizenship in an increasingly complex, pluralistic society.

Open Until Filled


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