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Job Title Description

 Job Description
Program Activity Manager (RESTRICTED) Miramar College
San Diego, CA
Posted May 23, 2013 by San Diego Community College District
Category: Science - Biology


San Diego Community College District Application for Employment

Program Activity Manager (RESTRICTED) [Miramar College]

Required & Optional Documents

Required Documents
1. Letter of Application (Refer to "Special Instructions" in Posting)
2. Résumé
3. Unofficial Transcript

Optional Documents
1. Foreign Degree Evaluation
2. Licenses/Certificates/Credentials

Closing Date 06/06/2013

Working Title
Program Activity Manager - CTE Biotechnology

Pay Information
Range 14 $6,041 – $8,743 per month based upon the current Management Salary Schedule. Initial salary placement is typically between Steps A ($6,041) and Step C ($6,621) with six (6) years of verifiable, directly related experience. Promoted or transferred employees will be placed as specified in the Management Handbook. This position is FLSA Exempt (does not accrue overtime). This is a designated educational management position. Benefits will be provided under the terms of the Management Agreement. The incumbent will be considered for contract renewal on a yearly basis and is eligible for administrative retreat rights in accordance with the Management Employees Handbook. Annual Salaries will be recalculated for service less than a full academic year based on Education Code §87815, any adjustment will be made on the first pay period. Travel reimbursement for interviewees traveling more than 200 miles, one-way, will be paid according to geographic location (see SDCCD Travel Stipend Policy, Rev 7/14/2011). Relocation expenses up to $5,000 may be provided. The SDCCD Employment Web Page provides a link to employee collective bargaining agreements/handbooks, and more information about terms and conditions of employment to include salary and benefits.

Position Equivalent FTE: 1.0
Job Duration: 12
FLSA Status: Exempt (does not accrue overtime)
Bargaining Unit: Management
Range: 14
Position Type: Academic
Location: Miramar College
Department: Biology

The Position
Under the direction of the San Diego Miramar College Dean, School of Mathematics, Biological, Exercise & Physical Sciences and the Statewide Sector Navigator for Life Sciences/Biotechnology, the Manager will coordinate and manage the operational functions related to grants and contracts of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Biotechnology HUB, and biotechnology center. The objectives of the HUB are to share new and exciting curricula, delivery modes, and knowledge with CTE providers; and promote a direct connection to business and industry needs in California for workforce development. NOTE: This is a grant-funded position with present funding committed through June 30, 2014. The position will continue based upon future grant funding.

This position is the first-line manager but does not have signatory authority for expenditures or personnel actions/approvals. This position does not directly supervise or lead any staff, nor does any staff directly report to this position. However this position may select, supervise, and evaluate hourly non-academic employees.

Major Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of the position is developing, maintaining and implementing CTE programs in the regional San Diego and Imperial County Colleges. Additional duties include grant budget monitoring, grant compliance, data collection, and generation of reports. The Manager will also be responsible for the coordination and management of sub-contracts and independent contractors, development and coordination of all outreach efforts with businesses, workforce and industry organizations, local and regional school districts, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities.

The Program Activity Manager-CTE (Biotechnology) also:
1. Develops, coordinates and manages the Career Technical Education (CTE) Biotechnology HUB work with the Statewide Sector Navigator in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant. Attend required meetings and conferences. Assists regional colleges with their efforts in implementation of CTE programs. Participates in regional San Diego and Imperial County Workforce Development Council meetings. Assists in creating partnerships and alliances between ROCPs, high schools, and community colleges and, when appropriate, four-year educational institutions.
2. Provides programs to assist regional colleges/faculty to improve their CTE programs by providing faculty development for the improvement of a classroom learning, student outcomes, and program completions. Assists in program development by helping colleges align degree and certificate programs with industry needs.
3. Develops detailed budgets, maintains and reconciles accounts and monitors both State and district accounts with timely and accurate tracking. Monitors, evaluates and manages budgetary transactions for compliance with the terms and conditions of the grants and in consultation with the Statewide Sector Navigator with appropriate approval for the necessary modifications to the grant work plan, grant objectives, or budget. Submits required narrative reports in accordance with the guidelines of the grant for the Systems Office, California Community Colleges and San Diego Community College District.
4. Serves as the program liaison and conducts the outreach efforts with businesses, partners, educational providers, Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), community colleges, universities, Regional Occupational centers or programs (ROC/Ps), and middle and high schools in coordination with the SCBC. Assists with developing new models to align technical preparation program areas and curriculum between ROCP’s, high schools and community colleges with targeted, industry-driven employee requirements through the EWD model.
5. Serves as the CTE Biotechnology Grant program administrator to outside agencies, businesses and educational organizations. Responsible for marketing the programs, including the development and distribution of marketing materials, brochures, Websites, e-commerce information, CD’s and other presentation materials in concert with the Statewide Sector Navigator.
6. May supervise and coordinate the activities of other staff members, outside contractors, and/or agencies associated with the activities of the grant.
7. Performs other related duties as assigned to carry out the grant(s) goals and objectives.


In compliance with policies adopted by the Board of Trustees, applicants for this position must show evidence of the following minimum qualifications:
2. Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution; AND,
3. One year of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrator’s assignment; OR,
4. Possession of a lifetime California Community College Supervisor Credential.

Desired Qualifications

The District encourages you to apply for this position, if you possess a combination of education, training, and/or experience which clearly demonstrates the highest level of professional competence.

The successful candidate will have established the highest level of professional competence as evidenced by:
1. A Master’s Degree in a Life Science from a regionally accredited institution.
2. Experience with career technical education (CTE) programs in both secondary and/or post secondary educational environments, and familiarity with workforce needs of business and industry in the life sciences.
3. Experience in directing, planning, and implementing services, activities, and events to align CTE programs in the life sciences with industry needs.
4. Experience and demonstrated success developing cross-institutional collaboration leading to effective partnerships.
5. Experience in management of grant funded projects including fiscal and budgetary aspects.
6. Knowledge and experience in preparing reports and implementing data to document program achievements.
7. Experience in conducting informational workshops/presentations.
8. Experience in development of marketing plans and materials.
9. Experience supervising and coordinating activities of staff, outside contractors, and or agencies.
10. Effective coordination and organizational skills.
11. Effective oral and written communication skills.
Foreign Degree: Applicants with foreign degrees from colleges or universities outside of the United States must have their coursework evaluated by a professional association that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). A copy of the evaluation must be submitted with the application packet.


Commitment to Diversity:
All applicants must have demonstrated cultural competency, sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds of community college students and staff.

Working Conditions

Physical Requirements:

Category III

Favorable, usually involves an office.

Special Instructions to Applicants:

To ensure full consideration, qualified candidates must submit a complete online application that includes the items listed (extraneous material will not be reviewed). References to résumés or other uploaded documents within the online application will be considered an “incomplete” application; please enter “N/A” if any section does not apply.
1. Complete online application; AND,
2. LETTER OF APPLICATION addressing your qualifications specifically related to the responsibilities and qualifications for this position; AND,
3. Résumé; AND,
4. Unofficial Transcripts.

Important: To ensure consistency and fairness to all candidates, please do not submit materials other than those requested (i.e., personal photo, articles you’ve written, etc). Please only upload requested documents using respective document name labels. Uploading extraneous materials, unless specifically requested within this posting, may result in your application not being reviewed. Only complete application packets will be forwarded to the committee. 

Application materials sent via mail, fax, or e-mail will not be accepted.
Note that correspondence, including interview invitations, will be sent to you via e-mail.

All inquiries, nominations and applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Conditions of Employment:
Submit “official” transcripts as stated on application;
Pass a pre-employment physical exam;
Provide a Certificate of Tuberculosis Exam for initial appointment (Note: The certificate must be renewed every 4 years as a condition of continuing employment);
Have fingerprints taken by a Live Scan computer at the candidate’s expense (Clearance must be received prior to first day of employment);
Present original documents for proof of eligibility to work in the United States; AND
Attend a new hire processing appointment in Human Resources located at the District Administrative Offices.

Additional Information:
Please note that an employee may be transferred to any site at the option of the Chancellor.

SDCCD provides a comprehensive fringe benefit package for its full-time academic employees. The District contributes toward the cost of the premium for the medical insurance plan options. Additional benefits include dental, vision, sick leave, vacation and opportunities for professional development. Contract employees become members of the State Teachers’ Retirement System (STRS) upon appointment.

Supplemental Questions

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).
1. * How did you hear about this employment opportunity?
◦ No Response
◦ SDCCD employment web site
◦ EdJoin (SD Co. Office of Education)
◦ CA Community Colleges Registry
◦ Craig's List
◦ Inside Higher Ed
◦ Chronicle of Higher Ed
◦ Professional organization/publication
◦ SD Union Tribune newspaper ad (including Sign On San Diego)
◦ SDCCD Employee
◦ Job Fair
◦ Other (list below)
2. If other, please specify. (Open Ended Question)
3. * Are you a current SDCCD employee?
◦ Yes
◦ No
4. If yes, please enter your employee ID: (Open Ended Question)
5. * The San Diego Community College District’s employees, students and vendors are very diverse in terms of their academic, cultural, physical abilities and ethnic backgrounds. Describe your experience working with diverse students and colleagues and that demonstrates your cultural competency.

To apply visit: https://www.sdccdjobs.com





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